Improve Your Fitness By Joining A Zumba Dance Class

Do you want to keep fit whilst having great fun at the same time? Are you desperate to shed a few pounds? Zumba dancing is an attractive and efficient fitness program that is becoming increasingly popular. It is an aerobics dance exercise that is suitable for everyone, and has even been adopted by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez. Zumba Fitness is the official organization that organizes instruction classes, as well as selling packages and video products.

What does Zumba look like?
Zumba is a form of dancing movements based on a variety of music styles. These include a mixture of salsa, mambo, tango, hip hop and many others. Classes can be divided into the level of difficulty and exertion. Participants dance to the music which can be slow of fast beats, which give them a good fitness workout. Some people partake in resistance training exercises at the same time. Here are some specific types of Zumba: Zumba step works to exercise your gluteal muscles and legs with step exercises; Zumba tone uses toning sticks to enhance your abs and thigh muscles; Aqua Zumba is a refreshing exercise in the swimming pool; Zumba Sentao helps to work your cardio and leg muscles; Zumba Gold is a slow moving class designed for older people. There are also classes for kids and a circuit training regime.

Is it effective?
Zumba is an effective way of improving your aerobic fitness, as well as working out your core abdmonial, arm and leg muscles. It is a dance class that is suitable for all ages including the senior population. If you use resistance training then you can build up muscle strength. Zumba classes last from about half an hour to an hour and give you a perfect workout. Studies have shown that Zumba is beneficial for health and can benefit your cardiovascular health. In older people, it can improve their balance and coordination, reducing the risk of falls and ill health.

How do I start?
To join a Zumba class, you need to ensure you have an instructor that is properly certified. Instructors join a Zumba instructor network which ensures they are constantly updated with the newest information. They are trained to deliver the classes and design the appropriate music and choreography. Zumba dance fitness is a new modern craze and it is one of the most efficient ways of developing your fitness. It is also great fun and millions of people enjoy it all over the world.